Baby Names by Colour

Baby Names by Colour There are some really interesting variations of baby names that are inspired by colour. Some are from other  countries and some have very inspiring backgrounds. For

Baby on the Go!

Baby on the Go! From the moment of birth, your baby will begin developing every muscle in his or her body – stretching and strengthening them and gradually gaining control,

Taking Care of Baby’s Teeth

Taking Care of Baby’s Teeth Bacteria, sugar or other carbohydrates remaining in the mouth for a long period will cause cavities – possibly even before the first tooth appears! Research

20 Unhealthy Foods (avoid them)!

It can be confusing to tell which baby foods are healthy and which ones are not. Here is a list of 20 generally very unhealthy foods that should be avoided

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy   1. Purpose 1.1 baby (Company) recognises the importance of privacy and is committed to protecting your privacy when handling your personal information. This Privacy Policy explains

Helpful Ideas for Potty Training

Ideas for Potty Training There’s no ‘right’ time for your child to start learning to use a potty. He or she must be ready not only bodily but emotionally too,

Nut Allergies

Nut Allergies Information about Peanut Allergy Disclaimer: Information contained here is for general interest only. You should speak to your doctor or paediatrician about issues concerning your own baby. Recent

Babies with a Cold

Babies with a Cold Feeding a Baby with a Cold Refusing food is often one of the first signs that your baby is starting a cold. As the cold develops


Quinoa Some interesting facts about quinoa: Quinoa is pronounced ‘keen wah’. It is referred to as a grain, but is actually the nutritious seed of a plant that originated in


Kamut Kamut is Nutritious and Healthy Kamut is a grain that is believed to have been used in ancient Egyptian times – over the years it has not been altered