Avoid a Sore Bottom for Your Baby!

Avoid a Sore Bottom for Your Baby!


The skin on your baby’s bottom is more sensitive because it is thinner and softer than yours, so irritation or damage from ‘nappy contents’ can happen easily – and surprisingly quickly if the nappy is left unchanged for too long.

And if your baby has a really sensitive bottom, just being enclosed tightly with no room for air to circulate can cause redness that can soon become soreness – particularly in baby’s creases.

Keeping baby’s bottom clean and comfortable is simple:babyPlay2

  • Check baby’s nappy often and change it as soon as you can – even if you are using disposable nappies that are designed to draw fluid away from the skin. If the nappy is soiled, disposables draw fluid away leaving concentrated ‘poo’ in contact with baby’s bottom – quickly causing soreness.
  • Always clean your baby’s bottom when changing a nappy. Do not use soap, just plain water and several pieces of cotton wool – wipe very gently, then pat dry.
  • If baby is prone to soreness use a cream especially formulated for baby bottoms before putting on the clean nappy.
  • Make sure the nappy fits snugly, but is not too tight.
  • Whenever possible, give your baby some time without a nappy to allow air to freshen and dry the area. If there is soreness, make this a ‘must’ – you will be surprised at how helpful it is in healing sore areas. A good time is when baby is sleeping for a while, just make sure the mattress is protected, and lay baby on a soft, thick towel.
  • Nappy-free time is also great when baby is awake. He or she will love the ‘freedom’, and will kick around happily – but protect the surface under baby, and stay nearby ready to clean-up any ‘accidents’.

This information presented to you acts as a guide which contains researched information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional.

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