Does Your Baby Need Medical Help?

Baby Need Medical Help


Most babies and toddlers will get a tummy upset or cold on more than one occasion before his or her immune system is fully developed and better able to fight off minor infections.SickBaby7

A mild illness should only need extra-attentive home care, and will usually improve in a day or so. You should always check baby frequently – including through the night – and watch for any changes, as a baby’s condition can deteriorate very rapidly. Be on the lookout for any signs or symptoms that mean your baby needs medical help, and be prepared in advance…

  • Keep a baby thermometer in a safe but handy place – and know how to use it.
  • Know what help is available in your area, and where medical centres are located.
  • Keep medical centre, helpline, and emergency phone numbers clearly visible by the phone.
  • Know how to deal with emergencies – learn some basic life-saving procedures and refresh your knowledge from time to time.

Get emergency help if your baby:

  • Is having breathing difficultiesSickBaby3
  • Grunts or makes other unusual sounds with each breath
  • Goes limp and floppy
  • Twitches, and jerks
  • Has a blue tinge to the mouth and lips, or fingernails and toes
  • Has swollen or raised fontanelles (soft spots on the head)
  • Cries with an unusual or high-pitched sound
  • Has suffered a burn or other serious injury

Meningitis is a very serious condition that has seen increasing cases in recent years and need urgent medical diagnosis and treatment. Meningitis symptoms are often similar to those in other childhood illnesses, but a baby’s condition can worsen quickly. If you suspect meningitis, you should take your baby for urgent medical assistance. Symptoms may include any or all of the following:

  • Very high temperature
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Pronounced shivering
  • A cry that is high-pitched or ‘moaning’
  • Raised or tensed fontanelles (soft spot on the head)
  • Blotchy or pale skin – becoming more pale or blue-looking
  • A fine rash or blue/purple areas that will not disappear when pressed with a glass
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Unusual drowsiness, floppiness or twitching/jerky movements
  • ‘Staring’ eyes
  • Stiff neck
  • Vomiting
  • Refusing to feedSickBaby2

Other illnesses or infections may need medical treatment, so consult your doctor, medical helpline, or other health professional if baby shows any of the following symptoms:

  • Cough that affects baby’s breathing
  • High temperature (sometimes accompanied by a rash)
  • Skin rash not due to heat or other obvious cause
  • Persistent crying or unusual-sounding cry
  • Vomiting or diarrhoea for more than 12 hours
  • Blood in the stool, or with vomiting
  • Fewer than 6 wet nappies a day, dry mouth, sunken-in fontanelles – all signs of dehydration
  • An object stuck in the nose or ear – do not try to remove it yourself

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