Essential Equipment

Essential Equipment

When you make foods for your baby at home, you EssentialEquip10can be totally certain that baby is having the nutrition he or she needs and that the food is completely free of additives, preservatives or colourings and is hygienically prepared and stored.

And you don’t have to buy expensive equipment and appliances – just a few basic tools and gadgets normally found in every kitchen will be all you need to prepare and store nourishing healthy baby foods.


  • perfect for pureeing, blending and mashing
  • best used for liquids, or soft, mushy solids
  • excellent for smoothies, soups andfruit or vegetable purees
  • will make very fine liquid purees, but is not ideal for blending small batches of foods (3-4 carrots for example), due to the size and shape of the containerEssentialEquip1

Food Processor:

  • works with a wide variety of solid foods because it has interchangeable disks for many different jobs
  • can puree, slice, dice, chop, shred, knead, and will even grind grains for making homemade baby cereals
  • usually works at one speed only so seems slower than a blender
  • blades may rotate in different directions, for the chop or puree processes
  • pulse option for more control over the processing of foods

Stick Mixer: for pureeing small quantities or a quick single meal

Food Grinder/Food Mill: for pureeing small quantities or a quick single mealEssentialEquip6

Ice Cube Trays or Small Storage Containers (freezer-proof): for freezing individual portions of baby foods

Freezer bags: for storing portions of baby food once they are frozen

Strainer/Colander: for drainingand holding cooked fruits and vegetables ready for processing

Small-Holed or Fine Mesh Strainer: for pushing textured foods through to make a fine, smooth puree (ideal for separating green bean and pea skins from the pureed flesh)

Steamer Basket: for steaming fruits and vegetable (fewer nutrients are EssentialEquip4lost when you steam fruit and vegetables rather than cooking them in water)

Masher: for mashing vegetables and fruits when your baby can manage a chunkier texture

Freezer-Proof Permanent Marker: for labelling freezer bags with food type and date of preparation and freezing

Remember…Any processing appliance will not work well if you try to puree EssentialEquipment3too much at a time. Fill the containers barely half way and add just a scant amount of liquid at first.

This information presented to you acts as a guide which contains researched information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional.

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