Keep Surfaces Clean and Germ-Free

Keep Surfaces Clean and Germ-Free


Did you know that there are some germs that can live for hours on a dry surface and for two or three days on a moist one?  

Children often forget to wash their hands when they finish in the bathroom, or cough and sneeze into their hands – then they touch toys, tables, doors and handles, leaving germs that can infect others. If there are babies and toddlers in the home, avoiding the spread of infection becomes even more important, and can be quite a challenge.sponge

To help keep the whole family healthy you need to establish a regular cleaning routine, using the right products. However, there are so many different ‘cleaners’ available that it can be very confusing. It is important to read labels carefully and understand what each product is designed to do – so here are some helpful tips:

Anti-bacterial products

  • Will kill only bacteria
  • May not clean dirt and marks unless stated on the label


  • Will actually kill germs, including bacteria, viruses and fungi – the label should specify
  • Follow label instructions carefully to be sure of effectiveness
  • Disinfectant alone may not actually clean off dirt and marks


  • Will disinfect – use very carefully, following label instructions

Multi-surface cleanerscleaner

  • Use for everyday cleaning of marks and dirt
  • Will not disinfect unless specifically stated on the label

Bathroom cleaners

  • Use to clean all bathroom hard surfaces
  • Will not disinfect unless specifically stated on the label

Toilet-bowl cleaners

  • Use only for the toilet
  • Will not disinfect unless specifically stated on the label

Glass cleaners

  • Will dissolve and loosen marks and dirt specks on glass surfaces (windows, mirrors, etc.)
  • No disinfectant properties

Always store and use disinfectants and cleaning products safely – they are all chemicals of some description, so take the following precautions:FoodPrep4

  • Store where children cannot reach them – in a high cupboard preferably, and always install and use child-proof locks.
  • Use when small children are not around – just going to answer a phone call could mean disaster.
  • Do not use different products on the same surface at the same time, or mix them in water – chemical reactions can create dangerous gasses.
  • Never store a disinfectant or cleaning product in a container that is not the one it came in.
  • Do not store disinfectants and cleaning products near food items.
  • Buy products with childproof safety caps. Replace caps tightly after use and dispose of empty containers carefully.
  • Wash hands well after using cleaning products and disinfectants.
  • Regularly wash cleaning cloths or sponges in warm water and bleach, and replace them often – or use disposable cloths.

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