Pasta in Your Baby’s Diet
Pasta is a highly nutritious food, and much commercially produced pasta also has added vitamins and minerals. Pasta is also high in carbohydrates, which are needed by the body for energy production.

Refined carbohydrates – as in white flour, white bread,potato chips and crisps, for instance – are not as easy for the body to process as non-refined carbohydrates. Pasta is made from semolina – a durum (or durhum) wheat – and if this is whole grain, it is not refined in the process of making pasta. Therefore, whole-grain  pasta will be easier for your baby’s system to process.

Grains and grain products are not usually on the lists of foods that test high for pesticide residue, but it is always a good idea to buy organically produced whole-grain  pasta for your baby if you can.

If your baby has already been diagnosed with – or you suspect that your baby may have – an allergy to wheat, or gluten intolerance, or if there is a family history of these, then he or she should not be given pasta until your doctor or paediatrician advises you. If there is no problem, it is often recommended that pasta may be introduced from the age of 8 months.

Storing pasta…
If you buy fresh pasta – or make your own at home – and don’t intend to cook it for your baby straight away, it should be kept in a refrigerator, and used or frozen within 3 days.

Dried pasta will keep for quite a long time – but don’t keep it for too long, as it can sometimes taste rather ‘stale’. Store dried pasta in its packaging, and then put this into an airtight container or bag.

Pasta is simple to prepare… 

  • bring waterto the boil in a suitably sized pan – the amount of water will depend on how much pasta you are going to cook
  • put the pasta in
  • return to the boil
  • boil for between 6 and 15 minutes – depending on the type of pasta, and whether it is fresh or dried.

This information presented to you acts as a guide which contains researched information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional.

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