Sweeten without Sugar

Sweeten without Sugar

Your baby will always go for the sweeter tasting baby food. PeeledAppleThere are ways to sweeten your baby food without compromising on the nutritional value of the baby food. We have some good ideas on how to sweeten baby food using naturally sweet foods that your baby will love.

Great Baby Foods that Sweeten without Using Sugar

Apple – Use a sweet apple like Golden Delicious and make a puree out of it. You can add this to your vegetable baby food recipes and sweeten the flavour.

Banana – Bananas are naturally sweet and full of goodness for your baby. Mash the banana and add it to some avocado or some chicken and sweeten your baby food naturally. Combine the banana with some more sour tasting fruits to sweeten as well.

Beetroot – Try beetroot as an option as they are high in nutrition and have a fantastic natural sweetness. Combine with other sour fruits or vegetables and create a nutritional meal that has that sweetness that your baby will enjoy.banana1

Blackstrap Molasses – This is high in calcium and iron and a great way to sweeten your baby food naturally.

Blueberries – Another great way to sweeten your baby food and it is so good for them! Combine blueberries with other fruits, vegetables or meat. You will find that this superfood sweetens your baby food meals and increases the flavour as well. Your baby will love it!

Breast Milk – This is naturally sweet and a great way to sweeten baby food and lets your baby enjoy what is already a familiar flavour. Using breast milk in solid baby food can make it a lot easier when introducing new baby foods.

Carrots – Carrots are not as sweet as some of the other foods mentioned here but they do take the edge off when combined with other sour or bitter foods. The best way is to bake them in the oven – try them and see how sweet they can get. They are delicious!Beetroot1

Cherries – Combine cherries with other sour fruits and see how you can naturally sweeten without adding sugar!

Coconut Oil – This is a great way to sweeten your baby food. It is very good for your baby, adds great flavour and naturally sweetens the meal.

Dried Fruits – Only use the unsweetened varieties and soak them in water or unsweetened apple juice. Combine them with sour fruits or vegetables and make a sweeter sugar free meal your baby will love.

Pear – This is a great simple way to sweeten your baby food. Simply create a pear puree and add to bitter/sour fruits or with vegetables.cherry2

Roasting Vegetables – By roasting your vegetables you make them sweeter. Combine them with fruits, other vegetables or meats and create a sweeter meal your baby will enjoy.

Sweet Potato – Sweet Potatoes are naturally sweet and are a great way to combine with other fruits, vegetable or meats. Or you can bake them on their own to create yummy tasty treats for your baby.

This information presented to you acts as a guide which contains researched information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional.

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