Your Third Trimester: Prepping for the Breastfeeding Journey

Your Third Trimester: Prepping for the Breastfeeding Journey

Motherhood is a great blessing. But it does come at its own cost – the responsibility of breastfeeding being one of many. And if you are a first-time mum, you and baby sure have a lot to catch up on – building confidence together, besides getting to know each other.

First-time mums often get overwhelmed by the thought of the seemingly enormous task that steers them in the face – from holding the newly born, to feeding, and learning all about their baby’s uniqueness. So you are not the first to travel this road, and you are certainly not alone. Nevertheless, the manner in which you approach this face of your life could determine how pleasurable or otherwise the experience would be for you.

So, its great that you make space to discover each other while building on the positive feedbacks that results from being able to successfully respond to each other’s signals.

Ok. Let’s back up a little bit – to your third trimester; the last few weeks of your pregnancy. A critical moment for you both, which is why it is important that you take the time to do your homework properly, so that your baby arrival, it’s gonna be an amazing ride for the two of you – may be with some bumps along the way, but not without adequate preparations for the most part! Here are a few recommendations that would help:


As a nutritional rule of thumb, quantity doesn’t always equal quality. So be intentional about what you eat as this will impact your baby’s health. Healthy eating, especially in your third trimester is will do more good for your pregnancy or breastfeeding than you can ever imagine. It is, in fact, an ideal baby recipe for healthy breast milk formation. This is particularly so because the quality of your milk production depends on stored-up fat especially from foods rich in Omega-3 fats.

You may also want to consider taking food supplements for an added nutritional boost for you and your baby’s health – in which case, you should ask your healthcare professional for advice.


Generally, early motherhood can be physically exhausting especially because you won’t be getting as much sleep as usual among other demands. So you need a build up of stamina. Frequent strolling is one of the best exercises you can engage in throughout your pregnancy period as it brings the added benefit of fresh air. After the birth, you may want to continue with your baby-on-board a stroller. Other low-impact exercises are additional recommendations. Safe to say that your choice of exercise should be pre-approved by your healthcare professional to avoid any unnecessary risks or hazards to you and your unborn child.


Rest is therapeutic and naps too. They offer a great way to restore your energy, and it’s, therefore, highly recommended for new mums, especially in the last three months (trimester) before your baby is born – a perfect time to establish routines that can be followed even after your baby is born. An added bonus to resting is that it impacts significantly on your natural baby recipe – the breast milk formation.

Insufficient rest raises our stress levels to rise, and, invariably impacts on (raises) the cortisol levels too, thus causing a significant drop in milk production


There’s no better time to design an organized schedule for your friends and loved ones who may have some spare time on their hands. Your 3rd trimester is a great time to put some finishing touches to planning who visits you, and when; so you can ease off some burdens (such as shopping, cleaning, washing, etc.) while you focus on the most demanding task at hand – nurturing and baby food (the breastfeeding of your baby). Asking your friends and loved ones to gift their help and physical presence in the place of extra baby clothes and toys might be worthwhile.


Don’t get into the panic or I-can-do-it-all-by-myself shopping frenzy just before your baby arrives. Shop well in advance if you must do it by yourself. You may even want to consider doing it online. Additionally, buying ready-made meals or cooking well in advance and freezing down for later use could save you a lot of stress – at least for the first few weeks or months after your baby arrives. Great for your baby’s health!


Too often, breastfeeding mothers get engrossed in the birth and the overall care of their newborn that they tend to neglect themselves and the peculiar challenges that come with this phase of their lives. These issues range from improper breastfeeding and childcare techniques to some more generalized issues such as inflammation, sore nipples, failing and latch. Others include mastitis, low milk supply, and the list goes on and on – most of which account for the reasons why most mothers stop breastfeeding their babies early.

Be bold to speak up! Speaking up saves you and your baby a lot of pain or health issues as in most cases, the solution is a lot simpler than you may have imagined.

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